Give student email a chance! Help us get a EDU email account from TIU!

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Student emails have many benefits that students and staffs are entitled to when they enter the university.  With great programs in E-track, the implementation of EDU email service will help to build TIU brand image and help to provide advantages that university students from all over the world are getting from their respective educational institutions. 


With a EDU email account, you can get huge discounts on services and free offers from products such as Microsoft Office, Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon Prime, and many exclusive offers.  

It will help you to organize your school-related information in one mail account and save your time organizing your main email. It helps to create time-efficiency as finding and searching for information about the university would be easier in one specific account. 

Student emails not only provide benefits for the students, but it creates a brand image for the university and helps to establish the university image and gain legitimacy and credibility from other educational institutions.  


Having an institution email can help to provide materials and resources to better assist your students and yourself. 

TIU has granted access to journals however some are still not accesible, limiting the articles that professors can provide for the students or for their own reference.

This is because there is no institution email provided in TIU, limiting benefits for not only students but for the professors and staffs. 

There are still numerous articles that are not accessible in the library. You will have better access to journals, and the assignments and papers for the students will also become better therefore cementing further the credibility of the school. 

So why does TIU not have its own email account? We have a POTI registered email system which provides us with informations and updates about our classes and school events. But is that what we really want? As international students, a lot of students can benefit from having discounts on education-related items and to better help in productivity by providing a school email which has so many benefits. 

So! Let us sign a petition to start a movement!

We want you to sign this petition with your name, school ID, and email address if want to support this change!

The more signature and support we get, the more likely we can convince the board of education to assign an email for TIU students.

THIS is our petition and WE can make a difference. Let’s help each other to make this happen!