Give Puerto Rico disaster relief

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Puerto Rico is still reeling from natural disasters. Families haven’t been able to rebuild their lives or their homes, and the House and Senate refuse to come to come to a consensus and pass a disaster relief bill.

Over a year ago, Hurricane Irma and Maria overtook Puerto Rico and left the island’s infrastructure to pieces.

As of right now, Puerto Rico residents are forced to survive only on food-stamp allocations — and that has also been cut. It’s a program that many elderly Puerto ricans use to buy basic necessities like detergent and toothpaste.

There is a bill that has already passed the House with hundreds of millions of dollars that is necessary for Puerto Rico, but the Senate struck it down.

The comprehensive House bill would help those impacted by hurricanes in Florida, North and South Carolina, Alabama, and Virginia, as well as the volcanic eruptions in Hawaii, the wildfires in California, the typhoons that impacted the Pacific territories, and for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Some in the Senate are trying to strip away money that Puerto Rico desperately needs. Ensure that your voice is heard and this doesn’t happen. Urge the House and Senate to come together and pass an all-encompassing bill. Puerto Rico needs our help now more than ever.