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New York is one of 30 states that denies voting rights to people on parole. This destructive and unnecessary policy serves to distance formerly incarcerated people from free society and signals to them that they aren't welcome.

Reforms pending before the state legislature would extend voting rights to the formerly incarcerated. Speak up today to encourage New York to take the lead on this critical civil rights issue.

Letter to
New York State House
New York State Senate
I’m writing to urge you to take action this term to restore voting rights to New Yorkers on parole.

As you know, bills currently pending before the Senate and Assembly -- A02445 and S4643 -- would make these reforms a reality and restore the vote to thousands of New Yorkers who deserve to participate in our democracy.

This critical civil rights reform would make clear to thousands of state residents that we support and encourage their efforts to rejoin society and build a productive, positive life. When we deny voting rights, we’re sending the wrong message to our formerly incarcerated friends, relatives, co-workers and neighbors. By excluding individuals from our democracy based on one conviction, we’re perpetuating a cycle of exclusion, poverty and crime.

New York has the opportunity to become a national leader on this critical issue, and I urge you to take a stand in support of an inclusive democracy.

Thank you for your attention to this important reform.

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