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Olga Zanella is an undocumented student from Irving, Texas, who is facing deportation on January 31st. 

Brought to the United States by her parents when she was only 5, Olga is now is afraid of being send back to Mexico, a country she doesn't remember Mexico and where her life could be put at risk because of the dangerous drug cartels. Olga's home is in the United States, where she wants to go to college and become a dentist.  

Whether she stays to continue her education and become a dentist, or gets sent back to a country unknown and dangerous to her, is up to you.

What You Can Do

1. Sign this petition directed to DHS.

2. 202-282-8495 - Call Janet Napolitano, Director of DHS, and ask that Olga Zanella's (A# 097-681-189) deportation be deferred. NOTE: This is an answering machine, once it is full it is out of commission for day. Fill it up now with support for Olga.

3. 202-732-3000 - Call Assistant Secretary to ICE, John Morton and leave a message urging him to take action to defer Olga Zanella's deportation (A# 097-681-189). NOTE: this is a live comment line. A human being will pick up and take your message. Be very polite and say “I am calling to leave a message of support for Olga Zanella who currently has a deportation date of Jan. 31st. I would like to ask that director John Morton defer Olga Zanella's deportation (A# 097-681-189)."

Photo Credit: Olga Zanella

Letter to
Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano
Director of ICE John T. Morton
Field Office Director Nuria Prendes
I have recently learned about student Olga Zanella (A# 097-681-189) and her final order of Deportation on January 31st of 2011. I am asking for you to do the right thing and stop her deportation.

Olga was brought by her parents when she was only 5 years old. She has never done anything wrong and has a clean criminal record. The only thing she wants is to be given a chance to attend college to become a dentist. She is afraid to be sent back to Mexico because it is an unknown country to her and she fears that her life could be put at risk because of the dangerous drug cartels.

Please save your resources to deport criminals and not students. Thank you for considering my request.

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