Give nothing to racism: Media deny him a platform at trial

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Requesting the media (Newshub, Stuff, Spinoff, NZHerald, OneNews, All local and national news) to not give him a platform for the coverage for the trial of the terrorist that murdered 50 innocent people on 15th March.

The events that unfolded on Friday were heartbreaking and horrific. Our response as a country has been one of love and compassion, but it doesn't stop there. The media now must stand with us.

The terrorist wants to be remembered for his heinous acts. He wants to be seen by the nation and the world. He made a live stream of his attack and wrote a long manifesto so that his motivations could be understood. But there is no explanation that could justify his actions so what is there to be understood? ... other than what we can do as a society to dismantle these toxic ideologies. It starts here. The media have a huge opportunity to stand up for what is right and not give him the attention he wants.

He has chosen to represent himself in court. So we ask the media: starve him of attention he so desperately craves.

No footage in court. No footage out of court.