Save nct127!

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Nctzens, please sign this petition to help gain attention towards nct127's mental and physical health. Our boys have been struggling lately and we need to help them in some way. They need more than streams and sold out shows. They need care.

This is one of the only ways to really raise the seriousness of this. We really need them to be checked at the hospital and let them get back on their feet before continuing their world tour. Their health will ALWAYS come first!

Not only will this help our chances of getting them a break, but coming together and signing this petition will show our never ending respect and love for our boys. We appreciate their hardwork so much, but this is too much. They are human, not robots. Our entertainment is currently coming from their suffering. They need to have as much fun performing as we have watching, right?

Hopefully this will reach nct127 and sm and they will be rewarded a break that they so desperately need. Please help our boys. We need healthy members.