Give Manchester, NH Students a Choice

Give Manchester, NH Students a Choice

February 2, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Lysa Lessieur

The Manchester NH School District is proposing a plan that will eliminate class levels in the high schools and place students randomly in the same classes together. Ex. ACP Civics, CCP Civics and Foundations Civics will now be General Civics.

**Simply put, students who struggle will be pushed faster and students who want to move faster will be held back.**

There will be no more science labs, just instructional classes. If your student is interested in anything science related (ex. Medicine) they will automatically be at a disadvantage coming out of high school.

TAXPAYERS: To accomplish this, the district will need to hire approximately 200-300 teachers to ensure class sizes are smaller. This will become a permanent expense we do not currently have. 

PARENTS: Unless your student is in an AP or Honors class, they will all be lumped together and expected to learn at the same pace. **You will NO LONGER be able to choose your student’s class levels.

TEACHERS: The way you will be expected to teach, will be fundamentally altered.

**Their plan is to start this with the upcoming school year, Fall of 2022, unless you speak up now. The board is set to vote on moving forward or to eliminate this proposal on February 14th

By signing below, we will let the school board know:

  1. You want equal opportunity for all students
    limited options = less choice
  2. You don’t have information about what the plan is
  3. You don’t have information on what the costs are
  4. You haven’t been asked to give your input or feedback on this plan

For the sake of your students, even if they aren’t in high school yet – please sign so we can ensure our students are treated as individuals with different strengths and weaknesses and our teachers are allowed to teach to our students rather than to the masses. 

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Signatures: 1,160Next Goal: 1,500
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