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Give local communities more control to protect their community drinking watersheds! Security of quality and quantity of drinking water must supersede all other land uses!

Clean safe drinking water is essential to life, is a human right and is fundamental to the economic wellbeing of communities.

Community drinking watersheds across British Columbia are under threat from industrial and other human activity including forestry, mining, gas fracking, toxic waste dumps, auto wrecking, industrial farming, wood treatment and recreational activities.

In many locations these industrial and human activities are happening within community drinking watershed on both crown lands and private lands, degrading the quantity and quality of drinking water available to communities.

Examples of contamination from industrial activities and the threat to local water supplies in BC can be seen in the film Troubled Water at

We call on the BC Provincial government to give local communities more control to protect their community drinking watersheds, including watersheds on crown land and private land; and to develop a funding program to facilitate local government and First Nations acquisition of both the watershed and adjacent land for those local governments and First Nations with water systems on privately owned land; and that all activities in watersheds used for drinking water be subject to final approval and control by affected local governments, First Nations and the Ministry of Environment; and that protection of community drinking water sources and security of quality and quantity supersede all other land uses and legislation pertaining to land use including but not limited to forestry, mining and other industrial activity.

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