Give Indian Women Reservation in Legislature

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Women have been revered in India in the past. Yet they face so much gender bias. They are considered good in housewifes role only and that is not counted in national accounting. Their participation in the workforce is not even one third and their role in decision making roles negligible.

 A bold move was made to given them one third reservation in the Lok sabha and Vidhan Sabhas by passing the Women's Reservation Bill on 9 March 2010 in the Rajya Sabha. Due to strong political maneuvering however, it was not tabled in the Lok Sabha and thus allowed to lapse. Now President of INC which was in power then is chiding the Prime Minister to pass the same although it has not so far allowed the triple talaq bill to be ratified by the Rajya Sabha. It is the most opportune moment to pass both the bills. 

It is rather strange that we have caste based reservation in our constitution but some people are so opposed to gender based reservation. Power lies with the law makers. Sustainable Development Goal 6 of 2030 Agenda for Transforming the World has targets with respect to women's reservation in law making bodies in all the countries.Even with one third representation in the Parliament and State legislatures Indian women would acquire a position from where the empowerment will flow down. 

We have taken the liberty of posting a collage of six illustrious women currently excelling themselves in positions of legislative power. They give us tremendous hope that given an opportunity women can take our country so much forward. Fortunately our Prime Minister understands this and sparing no efforts to empower them.