Government must mandate hospitality venues 6 months rent free before businesses go broke.

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·       The government must mandate 6 month rent free holiday for all hospitality businesses. They are hurting and need assistance. Landlords and tenants are both scared and will find it difficult to negotiate quickly. A Decisive action by government to mandate rent free for 6 months will give the certainty required for the industry to bounce back.

·       Help the Hospitality businesses that employ over a 1,000,000 people across Australia

·       Farmers, Wholesalers and Factories that supply these kitchens need to be paid. Hospitality businesses are paying rent first before Farmers, Wholesalers and Factories potentially risking millions more jobs

·       Hospitality Businesses are worried about being locked out and losing their business. Remove the pressure and fear associated with this large expense.

·       A rent-free period is essential so they can support other Australian jobs by paying their suppliers and trades and not holding payment until they re-open.

·       Hospitality business closures could have a cascading effect on the food and trades industry. Small family business will be left holding untenable debt.

·       Give Hospitality businesses 6 months’ rent free to allow them the best chance of survival. This ensures landlords have tenants, employees have jobs and we all have a viable economy at the end of this crisis.

·       We must ensure whole industries don’t fold due to the flow on effect of non-payment,

·       This is good for the landlords, we must minimise defaulting tenants, we must reduce renegotiating rents in a downward cycle and we must minimise the devaluation of commercial property.

·       Forgo the short-term gains of 6 months’ rent to support the many in need and ensure entire industries are not ravaged by this crisis. It is good for the tenant, good for the landlord, good for the economy.