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Give Hoosiers Back The Right to Bargain Fairly and End Right to Work!

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February 1st, 2012 was the day that Governor Mitch Daniels (R-IN) and The Indiana General Assembly decided to stop listening to their constituents and pass into law a "Right to Work". This law would require unions in The State of Indiana to no longer charge union dues for union representation in Indiana workplaces. This legislation, while it sounds great to those who might not want to pay dues, cripples the bargaining abilities and rights of the workers that wish to remain union members so that they may bargain for higher wages, safety in the workplace, and other employment benefits. This may also seem to be beneficial to employers, but who is now going to pay the price for the actions of our lawmakers? Simple... working Hoosiers with families.

We need working families in Indiana with higher paying jobs to retain those jobs. Otherwise we will may gain employers only to loose employees to other states without "Right to Work" legislation. We are now the 23rd state in The United States with a "Right to Work" law, and there are 50 states trying unique ways to stimulate their economies. Studies have proven that "Right to Work" reduces compensation and safety in the workplace, but now it is going to reduce the number of Hoosiers that want to continue working here and those who wish to move here.

Today is February 2nd. Indiana has had "Right to Work" for one day too many. It is time to end "Right to Work" and grow our economy the right way by attracting the right talent and the right jobs by giving Hoosiers back the right to bargain fairly!

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