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Why this petition matters

Started by Etho Aprilis

Every social network has a flaw, but for as long as groups have existed on Snapchat pure chaos has been allowed inside them. 

When you make a group, you can invite anyone you are friends with without their consent.

Anyone can change the name of the group.

Anyone can add whoever they wish to the group.

And worst of all, you can NOT remove problematic people from your OWN group!

What does this mean? If the wrong person gets invited, pure chaos ensues!

As an example, I run a gaming group. Anyone who is 18+ is allowed to play there. Sometimes malicious people end up joining the community. Sometimes people lie about their age and minors sneak in. Whatever the issue is, I’ve had to remake groups 5-6 times already because I can’t just remove the problem. Sometimes, those same people use fake accounts to sneak back in and it’s a vicious cycle.

People invite whoever they want, change my group name non stop, post disturbing media and bully my members.

I currently have 94 people upset that not only are they being mistreated in an environment I tried to make a safe space for them, but they have to deal with the headache of a new group being created & being added to it.

Every social network I’ve ever used allows the person who made a group to have 100% control over ALL of the settings listed above. It’s an easy fix, just change the settings! However, no matter how many times I’ve contacted Snapchat about the issue, they refused to do ANYTHING about it, other than tell me to leave my OWN group. 

Their negligence is so severe, that two of my members were targeted by malicious individuals who threatened to get their accounts deleted. One of those people contacted Snapchat about the bullying and threats and guess what? Their account was STILL deleted and over pure hearsay! When they contacted Snapchat about it, they not only refused to reinstate the account but also told them they were never allowed to make a new one and would not give them the download of all their media that their website literally states an account holder has a right to!

Bullying is a serious issue both on and offline. By allowing bullies to gain COMPLETE control over a community where the victims have to leave their own space, is Snapchat supporting those behaviors!

Please sign this petition to urge Snapchat to change this issue, to ensure that their groups can be a safer space for ALL their users. There’s no reason not to! After all, there’s NO negative outcome in signing, only ones if we can’t reach our goal!

Thank you. 

96 have signed. Let’s get to 100!