Give Fathers equal rights from birth! - End Gender bias!

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My Story:
Me and my Ex filed a birth registration together shortly after the birth of our last child. Our Son.
We agreed on a name together, however behind my back she made the joint registration void and changed our sons name. She also left me off the birth certificate altogether.

Under these circumstances, I have no rights to my own child.
As I am not a guardian.

Because I am the male parent, I have no rights unless they are appointed by the courts after paternity is proved and after a successful application to be appointed a guardian.

Both biological parents SHOULD be automatic guardians of their children.

This should also apply in situations where a same-sex marriage of two men or two women (OR ANY COUPLE) get automatic guardianship of their surrogate child(ren).


This is just the first step in getting equal rights for all genders!
Our petition letter demands that action be taken to include all genders to have equal rights to their own children at birth.

We the people are the taxpayers and private citizens, our government and MP's are accountable to US!

Tell Ottawa that you're fed up and sign the petition today!

It's 2018, It's time to end Gender bias in Canada's court system!

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