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Give F1 & Darts Models Their Jobs Back, Prevent A Prejudice Few From Hijacking Feminism.

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We need to support actual feminists in their struggle against the people who's prejudice towards their own minority views hi-jack all the years of hard work and ruin the name of real feminists & Independant women to suit themself.

We hear far too much bashing of feminists, yet the people opposed to exagerated issues like this darts and F1 girls ban are not real feminists... the real feminists are the women now out of a job! They are the models who should be treated with the equality & freedom to choose to do what they would like to do with their life instead of being forced to fit someone elses ideals, just as any man should be able to do too. 

The aim of this petition is to build support for the independant modern woman who needs no censorship or to be told what is acceptible or not by people with closed minds. What will be the next thing women are told they are not allowed to do?? Please sign here to show real feminists are people who accept and support other womens decisions.

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