Give Erik Killmonger from black panther a Movie

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Give Erik Killmonger a Movie

Though it a movie petition, the major problem I want to solve by it is giving all the people who have lost in years of colonization and slavery a reflection; a chance to see how holding on to sadness hurts them. A reflection on how you change if you let the darkness conquer you and how it effects everything around you.

The Marvel’s Black Panther movie had one of the most nuanced villains in Erik Killmonger. To be honest he was another sympathetic villain named Erik (Magneto from X-Men Series). I am writing this petition for marvel to give him a separate movie. If a feature length film is not possible at least give him a short film or tie in material.

**Mild Spoilers Follow**

Erik Killmonger played by Micheal B. Jorden killed in the Black Panther movie (Literally and otherwise). His nuanced and pained performance was one of the best performances in a super hero movie. His attempt to conquer the world to remove the injustices happenings because of the world’s colonial and racist past is key to the movie’s conflict. He was definitely not right but it was understandable from where he was coming from.

His character was both smart and powerful and surely worthy of more appearances then this one.

**Spoilers End **

We all know the histories and the tragedies happened in this world due to various problems of the past:

-          Racism

-          Colonialism

-          Radicalization

-          Wars and other conflicts              

-          Oppression

-          Discrimination

-          Stealing of wealth

-          Destruction of culture

I am not of African descent  though I can imagine the horrors African people have gone through. But as an Indian, a country robbed of lot of history and history; a country previously plagued with many problems as above. I feel a resonance with the character and I want more for him.

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