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Give Dr. Casey Jordan her own TV Talk Show

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From watching In Session and HLN, we have come to know Dr. Casey Jordan, especially during the Casey Anthony Trial. Her insight, expertise and knowledge about the cases are things we, the viewers learn a lot from. She explains what is happening in detail and in a way that the viewers will understand.

Her thorough knowledge of the case, compassion, understanding of human behavior and the ability to listen, are some of the things that her viewers admire in her.

Aside from her expertise, it is a pleasure to watch Dr. Casey Jordan. When we turn the TV on, we turn the channel to HLN to watch her - we look forward to listening to her on every case that is discussed.

Having her own show, Dr. Casey Jordan will be an excellent addition to the different talk shows you have and her expertise will bring something new and different to the table.

With Dr. Casey Jordan having her own show, you will be attracting a lot more viewers, of all ages, who will turn the channel to HLN.

Every morning we turn on the TV because we want to see and listen to what Dr. Casey Jordan has to say. She speaks the truth and is very passionate about what she does.

We want Dr. Casey Jordan to have her own show . We know we will learn a lot and we will look forward to watching her show everyday.

 Knowing that we will see Dr. Casey Jordan on TV is one of the main reasons we watch HLN.

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