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Give Buying Power to Everyday Consumers, Not Just Big Companies

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Did you know that large companies receive major discounts on everything from their telephone, Internet and cable bills to car rental and health insurance?

Why? It's simple: They have buying power.

What if we could secure lower prices and long term discounts for the average consumer?

We Can.

Allourpower is creating the largest group purchasing organization for consumers. Our goal is to amass a member base of at least 10 million consumers. With that kind of buying power, we will be able to negotiate with the largest retailers to leverage lower prices and gain long term discounts.

This could bring the purchasing power enjoyed by big companies to all of us so we can save on everyday items like gas, groceries, health and auto insurance, cellular and cable services, banking, car rental, travel and everything in between.

Our plan is simple. Allourpower will sit down and negotiate with the three largest national retailers for every spending category to decide which one will offer us the best long term discount. The retailer offering the best deals wins Allourpower's business and loyalty. We will issue Allourpower discount cards to each of our members to be used when shopping at each contracted retailer.

With the discount card our members will receive the pre-negotiated discount and savings. Our members do not have to pay for anything - there is no initial sign up fee, no card fee and no membership fee.

This will be a total game changer for both consumers and retailers. Consumers will start saving money on daily transactions and basic expenses like gas and groceries, while retailers, although lowering their margins, will acquire a massive loyal customer base.

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