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Give back and stop the abuse of Native Americans Rights!

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Native Americans are the original inhabitants of America. However, Columbus came over, didn't even know where he was and started stealing their land. Thousands of years later, are we any better? We forced them onto small areas that are depleted and devastated. Some of the reservations do have natural resources, that the goverment is ALSO trying to steal from them. Numerous reservations were set up on old uranium mines. The toxicity that is still in the ground and in the water is creating such health atrocities, KIDS are dying from cancer! KIDS are being born deformed! I met a 20yr old boy who already battled 3different types of cancer in his life. His reservation sat on an old Uranium mine. Not only were they fighting to move the reservation, the government wanted to reopen the mine! With them still on it. They didn't want to move the reservation to cleaner areas.

They shouldn't have to fight to move.

The unemployment rate, death toll, alcoholism and drug use on reservations is sky high. School for the children is laughable!  Young teens killing themselves because they see nothing better in the future. Mortality rate on a reservation is 50years old. Housing is almost null. It is so scarce, not only because of the lack of cunstruction, but also because the lack of heat! Some families willl come together in one home, just so they can burn others for heat! 

President Obama sold housing to the native american reservations for $1 a house! That is all well and good. THEN STATED THEY HAD TO PAY $25,000 PER UNINHABITABLE, BROKEN DOWN MOBILE HOME TO MOVE IT TO THE RESERVATION!

We need to help them! We have all of these home building shows where celebs and good hearted people give back to the community by building homes. Why cant we do that on the reservations! Donate Food! Give them WORK! Healthcare! Do you know on many reservations the closest hospital is OVER 20miles away!? Thats horendous!

Come on President Barak Obama! Help these people, because with out them, Columbus would have FAILED. He would have deemed America Uninhabitable. He had the indiginous teach him how to grow crop on these lands! They tought us! They took care of us and we ruined them!

Leonard Peltier fought for FREEDOM and now lies in Jail!  "Peltier lived his life for the People, doing what he could to help. He protested for fishing rights in the Northwest, for example. But his first real experience with confronting the might of the U.S. government was the 1970 peaceful takeover of abandoned Fort Lawton, outside Seattle, Washington, which was on "surplus" federal land to which the Indians had first right under the law.

Faced with government machine guns and flamethrowers, the protestors were taken into custody. Peltier and the other Natives were beaten by the police at the time of arrest and beaten again when taken to their cells. When finally released, Peltier refused to leave the Army stockade until all the other protestors had been freed. "


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