Give a voice to LGBT communities

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There are many problems in society to solve. But unfortunately we haven't enough time to talk about it. Or should I say we don't want to get involved in those matters? The reasons can be anything. But nowadays the biggest issue is to give a voice to our LGBT communities along with empowering the women. These two things are needed to be talked about. Let's go with the LGBT issue. LGBTQQIA : Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex and Allies. Yes, that's the full form of LGBT or what we call being abnormal! We often say that : "Love does not stand for caste, colour, religion or gender. Love is blind." But how many of us do really mean that? Oh, yes! We can talk about colour, caste and even if it is about religion. That's okay with you. Because it does not make you abnormal. It makes you the man or woman who is very concerned about society. And you become the saint here. But at the same time you feel ashamed if any of your family members, friends comes out as lesbian or gay. You feel disgusted whenever *that person* wants to talk to you. Because according to your so called dictionary it makes them less human or less than animal. Right? You can't accept their love. But can you all clarify why can't you love them back, show your support? Gimme one reason. Point out their faults. If any of it makes a valid point I'll accept. Be kind to everyone. We have not enough days on earth to spend our lives in hatred and jealousy. Change the society by changing yourself. A big change will always start with you. Don't be afraid of what you are. People remember those who make different yet right choices in hard times. Love to all. ❤�