Give 2nd year QMUL Maths students online exams!

Give 2nd year QMUL Maths students online exams!

4 November 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Aakifah Khan

Hello All,

I am a student of Queen’s Mary University of London, and I’m currently studying my second year in Actuarial Science. 

I am making this petition so that our voices are heard from the hierarchy of Queen Mary University of London. We have pleaded with many of the department heads in mathematics, to continue to allow us to do the remainder of our exams online. They have allowed other year students to conduct online examinations, and we would like the same conditions.

Many of the students including myself, have not conducted in person exams since GCSEs in 2018. This was all down to the unforeseeable circumstances of COVID-19. For our A-Level exams, we were provided with our predicted grades. It has been four years since we have sat in-person exams. I myself and many other students, have studied a foundation year. Three years of our university examinations has taken place online. By QMUL implementing in-person exams now, has caused many students to feel extremely stressed and anxious. 

Why we want online exams:

  1. The online exams are set in an inclusive format to suit everyone.
  2. Online exams give control to the students.
  3. Students can conduct exams in the comfort of their own homes.
  4. With online exams, it allows us to take breaks and not sit in a single seat for hours.
  5. We have adapted to online exams.
  6. We would like our mental health to be considered. 
  7. Other year university students have been allowed to conduct online exams.

The reason why this is crucial to us students, is so that we have a fighting chance to succeed in our exams. For us actuarial science students, we will be conducting online exams for our actuary qualifications after we have completed our undergraduate degree. Regardless, later we will still conduct online examinations when we leave QMUL.

Our course will come to an end in May 2024. We have little over a year before we close our chapter at QMUL. All we ask for is, we continue to finish the remainder of our exams online, and have the same rules and regulations as the other year students. 

Please help us make a change! 

Thank you in advance. 

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Signatures: 150Next Goal: 200
Support now