Changes need to be made at Gisborne District Councils Animal Control

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1. That a GDC staff member was seen to be hosing Dogs in cages at the pound with high Pressure Hose.

2. That GDC Pound has dogs separated by mesh fencing with no knowledge of illness the dogs may carry.

3. That GDC Pound does not have trigene pads in areas where public and staff can walk, this means disease such as Parvo can be brought into Pound or transported from Pound back to Public.

4. That GDC ask members of the public to hold stray dogs on their property instead of collecting the Dog as the Dog Control Act states they will do.

5. That GDC staff are not consistent in information when members of public phone to inquire if their Dog is in the pound.

6. That GDC do not make every reasonable attempt to contact owners of registered and or microchipped Dogs who have been impounded.

7. That GDC are not taking reasonable attempts to re home dogs who are deemed suitable for re homing as per their policy and practices.

8. That GDC Staff who are working for animal control do not have the suitable qualifications or training to determine dogs breed or to temperament test these dogs.

9. That GDC Pound is only open for 30 minutes a day for the public to collect their impounded Dogs or for the Public to visit and Adopt Dogs.


1. Bonus for responsible dog owners who contain their Dogs, Pay registration, Vaccinate, Desex (where appropriate) and microchip.

2. More education for Dog owners, be in school visits, Open days at the Pound ect.

3. Harsher penalties for Owners who do not register their dogs or whose Dogs are repeat offenders.

4. Better attempts to rehome Dogs - Photographs taken, Temperament testing by a qualified person, More interaction with SPCA to take suitable Dogs.

5. More visibility of Animal Control Officers in Areas with known Dog issues. Get out into the community and educate Owners on Parvo, Adequate fencing ect

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