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Standing up for girls rights

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Did you know that there are more than 60 million girls around the globe who can not access education? Over time more and more girls are sold to masters, in other words they are sold to become slaves. Developing countries used to have unfair practices keeping girls away from their rights. It is time for this crisis to stop and for us to raise awareness and take action. I strongly believe that if we all work together we will soon be able to make a difference. As Malala said “pencils and books is the strongest weapon we have.

To begin with, the biggest reason why girls are not sent to school is because of poverty. For instance, in Cambodia many young girls are forced to work for food and not for education. One girl from Cambodia named Sokha, needs to collect garbage and sell the scraps in order for her to go to school. Many of them are affected by war as a result they have to find ways on how to survive, and going to school is not their priority anymore. In the least developed countries many girls died even before reaching the age of 49. Poverty creates bad health because it forces people to live in environments that makes them sick, without decent shelter, clean water or adequate sanitation.

It seems to me that it is very unfair and not nice for young girls not to go to school because they have to marry at a young age that is under the age of 18. Young girls get married just for money, goats and land for them to live. According to Safari, 49 percent of women are forced to get married and kids have to drop out of school to take care of the house and child. Girls are sent away to do bad jobs to support their children. Women have early marriage because of tradition, lack of education and religion. This behavior is taking away girls rights and their needs for education.

In my opinion the world is facing the world’s worst refugee crisis due to the conflict, persecutions and natural disasters. These situations displaced the girls and going to school is not the priority. Millions of displaced women are in critical need of humanitarian services. 125,000,000 people worldwide are in need of assistance. Women stay behind in the camps during conflict while men look for jobs elsewhere. Furthermore, girls are exposed to death by hunger and war and their lives are at risk. During natural disasters, girls are most likely to die than men. More men than women successfully swim and climb trees to safety. Most girls cannot do that because girls have less rights and don’t have experience which makes them skilled.

To sum up, girls education has become a global issue that is affecting many countries around the globe. World wars and natural disasters make it hard for girls to meet their rights. As I said books and pencils are our strongest weapons. I am writing this to sign up the petition so that we can support girl's education.

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