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Did you know that 60 million girls have no education? I think that this should stop. I cannot believe that women do 66% of worlds work. Education gives good opportunities to girls and women, so we should not let this out of girls hands. I am concerned that girls start working at 6 years old and their wings are being clipped. Girls have dreams but won’t come true if we don’t help. I am concerned about parents making their children get married when they are too young. I believe that this should stop because their children should go to school instead of being a mother. I am also concerned about the feeling children have when they are not ready for a role. Although not everyone will agree we should stop this issue, with your help this petition could go a long way.

To begin with I think slavery is hazardous labour and affects the health and personal development of a women. It is harmful to physical and mental development. Another reason is that children separated from their families at an early age. Agriculture sectors are having activities like hunting and forestry. Did you know that 168 million girls work as child labourers in farms, fields, factories, home and streets. I cannot believe that they call their boss masters instead of going to school. They also fetch water and also do household chores.

This is one the reasons why girls are not attending school, it seems to me that displaced girls due to natural disasters and war is a big issue. I have several reasons for thinking this. My first being is that the world is facing the worst refugee crisis due to conflict, persecutions and types of disasters. I believe it is horrible that millions of displaced girls are in critical need of humanitarian services. But still many women find ways to educate themselves after disasters happen, like one girl named Sokha who became successful after an earthquake shattered her place.
Another reason is that 125 million people are in need of assistance and 75% are women and children. Furthermore after disasters men go and try to find jobs elsewhere so women are left at the remains of their homes. When left at home their lives are at risk.

Another reason is that early marriage is a disadvantage because the couple needs to be responsible enough. They need to be responsible for earning their own money in order for the family to survive. A second reason is that early pregnancy can affect health. It can affect health because the girl’s body is not ready for giving birth and being pregnant. The last reason is that early marriage can disrupt the couple’s learning. It can disrupt their education because they need to take care of their child, they need to go to work instead of going to school.

To sum up I believe that education is the most powerful weapon. As I stated in my introduction all girls are in need of education. In conclusion girls also have dreams so don't pop them, make them come true.

Please sign this petition to support girls right to education.

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