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Gender Inequality For Girls

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Did you know that more than half of the world’s women population do chores and take care of kids, instead of having the access to education? Over the years, beliefs and values from different countries have insisted that women’s rights were limited. We, as in Edward, Mariam and me, believe that girls should also have the same rights as boys, and one of those is to have education. We are convinced that it is unequal and unfair to women that they work at an early age rather than going to school. Do think it is acceptable that according to your gender you have rights or not? What if you were that person? As Nelson Mandela said,”Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” We are sorry that women around the world have to struggle to learn and suffer. Help us stop that issue by treating a lady like YOU would like to be treated.

Firstly mentioned, we are concerned about why women have more poverty and bad health than men. We think the following examples will do:
Some people are narrow-minded and they think that women are inferior and way less stronger than men. So because of that, they are forced to work at home, like cooking, cleaning, washing and taking care of children, while men can work in better places and do agriculture. Also, for more further information, women live in rural areas. People also think it is a waste of time to educate girls. How unfair! Without education, no job, no job, no money, no money, no food or resources no food or resources, no future!  Also, because of a series of natural disasters, women become poor and unhealthy. We believe girls have to have education, as well as any other person. They should have the right to food, shelter and, of course, education.

An equally important point to consider is that girls from less-privileged families are sent to work at a masters houses, becoming slaves, with a minimal amount of money in exchange. This system is called Kamiari System, which is common in undeveloped countries. This is very dangerous to young women because they have to work more than half of the day without eating and are beaten by the master and kids from time to time. Almost 250 million girls are involved in this situation! Girls are forced to do hazardous-labour, like carrying huge buckets of water that weigh tons! Women are obligated to bring illegal things to certain countries. Now, 33 million fewer girls than boys go to school! Oh my lord! 22,000 children around the world are killed daily from work because of child-labour. That is really unfair to humankind! Why do women have to suffer the pain?! Help us stop that by donating to a foundation or visiting poor countries. Put yourself into other’s shoes.

In addition, women are obligated to get married early to an older man and so they get pregnant early. Can you believe it? This can cause serious damage, severe diseases, terrible health and even mortality! In other words, death. This is very common in Bangladesh and other undeveloped countries. 49% of the world's women are facing this horrible challenge. Women aged 10-19 have to get married according to their parents. Their parents arrange a meeting together and arrange a wedding. For the wedding, they trade animals and money in exchange. Did you know that almost 2,000 poor and unhealthy babies are born each day? We wouldn't want that. What we are trying to say is that it is a pity that instead of marrying when you want and who you want, it is mandatory to love and marry someone else. 39,000 girls die each day from early pregnancy! Horrific! We believe that it shouldn't be allowed this kind of rule. The government should be against this. That's what make a corrupt government.

I hope we have convinced you that girls have rights no matter where they are. It is unbelievable that girls in undeveloped countries don't have the same rights as any other girls. We hope this stops and YOU help us stop it. It is time to take action. Sign our petition and help us collect signatures and likes to require girls education.

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