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Fight for girls education!

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Did you know that 60 million girls have no access to education. 70% of the poor are women. 66% in the world are women who work. Girls education has become a massive issue around the world. Believe it or not girls must stay at home doing these several chores: washing dishes, doing laundry, clean the house, fetch water, bring food and many more...In addition girls can not get education so their parents send them to different masters to work. At the ages of (5-11). When they are at age of 30 they go back to their parents. Sometimes their parents force them to do these several reasons: forced marriage (11-12), early pregnancy (15-16), culture and traditions and many more... I am still concerned about what the other people are doing to take action!!!

To begin with I will talk about slavery/hazardous labour. These are all my reasons why kids should not be treated like this: agriculture, mining, construction, manufacturing, service industries, hotels, bars, restaurants, fast food establishments and domestic service.This is all considered dangerous, unhealthy and can result a child getting injured or killed. 85 million of these children (5-17) years old. In conditions like this almost every year 22,000 children are killed at work every day. The number of those injured or became ill because of their work. Imagine if you were one if them! Take action and start helping!

Furthermore many girls can not read because they need to skip school to get married as a part of their tradition. Some other girls left school because they go pregnant so they got expelled. Over 60% of women (20-24) with no education also before 18. Girls are forced to go out of school because they had to take care of the house and children. Child's marriage is a tradition that has been affected for generations.

I have several reasons to believe that natural disasters affect millions of lives each year. More than 5,739 children have lost education of these several disasters: war, hurricane, tsunami, tornados, volcanos, floods, avalanches, major storms, epidemics and many more... Please consider my reasons for this opinion. One of the most immediate effects of natural disasters is population displacement. When countries are destroyed by earthquakes or other powerful forces of nature. Many people have to abandon their homes and seek shelter in other regions. Children have to drop out of school and leave all their belongings. Hope you take action and help save the environment!

I think this is totally unacceptable that girls do not get the same rights as boys. Girls and boys should have the same rights even if it is illegal in some countries. Just like Malala said books and pencils are the most powerful weapons we have!!! Please sign  this petition to support girls education.





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