Keep Strength and Conditioning at Two Days a Week

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The average class at GPS leaves you with 30 minutes of homework while an honors or AP can leave you with upwards of 40. This does not include the hour or more of studying that you will do to prepare for your tests and quizzes. Next year, all of us will be required to take a math class, a language course, a chemistry class, an English class, and a shape class of some sorts. Some girls will choose to take a History class, or an elective which leaves them with no free periods. As a GPS student, you are required to take a strength and conditioning class if you are playing a varsity sport. With the new schedule of having this class four times a week, it’s leaving many girls feeling stressed and frantic.

This may cause some girls to not take an advanced class out of fear of not being able to handle the work load. Although we will still have lab, that’s only a 40-45 minute period 4 four days a week. Help class may not always be available between club meetings and required help classes or quiz remakes. If a girl goes from school to practice then heads home with a regular work load, she will struggle to accomplish everything she needs to. Between not going getting home until at least 5:40, and finishing her homework, she will have little to no time to get enough sleep (8+ hours are vital in a teenage girl for her to function at her best!), spending time with family and friends, and activities she participates in outside of school (such as YoungLife, a job, community service, etc.) she will have to sacrifice one or all of things.

A healthy social life, plenty of sleep and interests and hobbies are all important in cultivating a girl of integrity and honor. We understand that part of going to GPS is acknowledging that the academics are rigorous, but in order to function at our best it’s important that we have enough time to both further our education and experience life and all it has to offer.

Written by Lila Fritschen