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Girls NEED education!!!

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I am concerned that lots of girls still don’t have education.In the past, people thought that it is a waste of money for girls to attend school, because people thought that girls are not smart. Believe it or not, that is still happening today. 60 million girls on earth have no education, that is why I strongly believe that girls need to go school from their childhood. Every girl has the right to go to school and have a proper education to have a better life in the future. Every year more and more girls are sent to masters. In other words they are treated as slaves starting at the age of 5-6 years old.There are lots of people in the world with no education. Particularly girls, that do not have access to school because of their beliefs, religion or their status in life.

Furthermore lots of girls in many countries are forced to get married at the age of 11-16 years old. After marriage most girls are going to have early pregnancy. What does that mean? Well if a female gets pregnant under 20 years old, there body is not prepared to give birth, so there is a 50% chance that the baby or mom is going to get sick or die, and the girl will not get educated. Parents will arrange early weddings and pay for the bride. 700 million girls are forced to get married before the age of 18 years. 280 million are taking the risk. My mom gave birth to me at the age of 31. 60% of poor girls are forced to give birth before 18 years.

Hazardous labour affects health and personal development. It is harmful to physical and mental development, if kids are not allowed to sleep or take a rest for a period of time. Children are separated from their families because of natural disasters or war, which makes them split up at a very young age. 58% of children aged 5- 17 years old are engaged in agriculture which means that they work on fields, farms, streets and many other places. The agriculture sector are activities like hunting, planting, and forestry. 168 million boys and girls in the world work as laborers in farms, with fields, factories, homes and streets.

The biggest enemy of health in the developing world is poverty. In the least developing countries girls do not reach their first birthday. In the high-income countries by contrast, the average lifespan is 77 years and the infant mortality rate is per logo life birth. Always remember never take a women's right to education. Poverty creates ill health because it forces people to live in an environment that makes them sick. No decent shelter, no clean water or good sanitation. Poverty creates hunger, which in turn leaves people into vulnerable diseases. Poverty increases illiteracy rates in different countries.

Girls are forced to get married. Girls are treated as slaves. Girls live in poverty. How worse do you want it to get? If we want girls to have better lives and have a brighter future, then we need to take action. If you want to help than sign up for a organization like girls rising. Wear all need to help . This is not the end it is the beginning. Like Malala said, let's pick up our books and pens because they are our most powerful weapon to finish ignorance. Please sign this petition so that we can support girls education.


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