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Girls have a right to education

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There are around 60 million girls worldwide who have no access to education. 70% of the world's poor are women. Out of 100 million children, at least 60% of them are girls.They do not have rights to education. 960 million adults in the world are illiterate and more than two-thirds are women. All this is a global issue that is spreading around. I am concerned about all those girls who are dreaming of having education. Let's all start to take action by spreading awareness to communities and the rest of the world.

Please consider my several reasons for thinking that early marriage is interfering with girls education. It seems like less than 20% of women graduate and 80% are married early. People in the world are helping the early marriage. It's dangerous and can cause serious problems. Furthermore, there are countries that allow early marriage within their culture and when a girl gives birth when she is young it's possible that they can pass away.

In Africa, education is lacking for girls. For example, Zimbabwe's population of 14.5 million has a rate of 20% of girls illiteracy and plenty of gender issues. It seems to me that many girls have to leave the final year due to seasonal jobs and the need to support a family with their income and when they come back, their spots are already taken. Also, some people believe that educating a girl is a waste of resources and money due to cultural beliefs. Uneducated girls result in high unemployment rate that will increase poverty among rural areas.

Further more, child labour is causing the child to be killed or injured.85 million children aged 5 -17 work in dangerous places. Approximately, 114 million kids are slaves in Asia and the Pacific. 60% of child labour occurs in agriculture, hunting and forestry. About 14 million children are involved in manufacturing goods for people. Child labour suffer extreme illness in underground mines where they are working. Many children, mostly girls work as domestic help in places that they live in. Its hazardous for girls or maybe boys, to live this way.

In conclusion, has they should stop this situation of girls not having education. Girls have the same rights as boys and need to be treated the same. As Malala once said, books and pencils are our strongest weapons to fight ignorance. Please sign this petition so that we can support girls education.

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