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It's GIRLS' GENERATION 11th anniversary in 5 August,it's a very special date for kpop groups to reach this achievement and much more important for SONES because throw the last year we went throw a lot so that's why I am asking for this petition,so SONES and GIRLS' GENERATION,all eight members,to have their special day.
I want SM Entertainment to make it possible to make a special vlive,in the vlive app,in 5 August 2018,since SM is the holder of the group music activities and name,having 5/8 members signed with the company and also holding the group name.
What I request is not just a vlive but a special one.A vlive that will make GIRLS' GENERATION,all the eight members,and SONES bound more and make both the fans and the girls happy,it would be ideal to start at 6pm South Korea time zone.
So that's what I thought the girls doing during the live :
1)The members choosing their favourite outfit  they wore during promotions as a group
2)Choosing their favourite song GIRLS' GENERATION ever singed and why they choose that song
3)Each member to dance her favourite GIRLS' GENERATION title track and tell us why they choose that.They can dance as much as they feel like it.They can dance the whole song or only 30 seconds 
5)Karaoke time,the girls choose the song they wanna perform.
6)Reading question from fans
7)Telling what their plans and goals for the future as soloists and GIRLS' GENERATION as a group
8)Each member to give a message to the other members personally,SNSD as group and to SONES,now this is the most important point,this is a must if this petition ever reaches  SM Entertainment(SM here dosen't stand for Sony Music but SM Entertainment,a Korean company).