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Girl Sends LGBTQ People's Info Out & Tries to Kidnap Their Children! Stop her!

Sophie M Herold, a German girl, used to run a Tumblr blog. But she was no ordinary user. As a major homophobe and transphobe, she used various tumblrs to gain personal information, such as name, address, birthdate, and photo, of LGBTQ people and sends them out to hate groups with dangerous intentions. People have not only been kicked out of homes, but murdered! Just because the tumblr staff has disabled her blogs doesn't mean she can't strike again. She anonymously tries to pry information from people! Worse, she is founding out same sex couples and trying to get their children KIDNAPPED. This is illegal. is spreading information to stop her, but I've decided to take a step further. This woman needs to be stopped.


With this petition, I hope we can raise awareness of this evil woman and send her to jail.

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