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I was bashed on a mine work-site – please end almost 8 years of delays and pay my claim

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I was viciously bashed working as a security guard. I was left with permanent physical injuries and disfigurement and acute PTSD which mean I'll never work again – my life is in ruin, but more than seven years on, GIO Insurance continue to fight my claim for help.

I was sent to the mining railway work camp as a lone security guard, even though I found out two previous guards had been assaulted on duty. The railway camp was chaos: on days off the workers would get blind drunk. But they sent me anyway – and one night I was brutally attacked by a drunken man.

But the treatment from the companies involved and insurer GIO has left me even more devastated. It took them 21 hours to get me to a hospital. I've needed three operations, been diagnosed with PTSD and told I'll never work again. My attacker was even convicted of grevious bodily harm in the district court – yet GIO are still denying my claim, forcing me to pay thousands of dollars in legal fees and have set private investigators on me.

GIO admitted to my lawyers that they'd used private investigators to follow me, record my conversations, watch me. Four doctors all agree on my injuries - it's not like I can fake a CT scan, X-rays, etc – but they've still got their own doctor denying some of my injuries. My PTSD meant one day I was being followed by an investigator and thought they were going to bash me. I don't often go out after dark due to the fear. I have gone out at night 4 times in all over the past 6 and half years. When I have ventured beyond my home after dark I am usually in company with another.

I just want this nightmare behind me and for me to be able to pay my medical bills and live my life again.

I am at my wits end that this insurance company is seemingly without any conscience whatsoever. It's destroying my life. The people at Suncorp should hang their heads in shame - but alas they appear to be shameless.

I have had to contend with confected argument from GIO's legal represtitives in Perth, who rely on spin and engage in tactics designed to search for a way out by any means rather than a search for the truth, all in order to minimise the exposure to a damges payout against GIO. 

The entire system is esily abused by those with all the power against the lone plaintiff who starts 100 meters behind all others in the 100 metre sprint to the finish line that is the court.

I'm exhausted physically, mentally, financially – I guess they're just hoping I'll crack before they have to pay my claim. 

Please sign my petition asking GIO to sit down and settle my claim for being bashed on a worksite. I really need your help. Thank you.

SunCorp, the parent company to GIO is a top 20 ASX-listed company with $96 billion in assets.


Despite GIO's parent company SunCorp announcing today a record profit of  $1.13 billion in profit they continue to deny my claim and refuse to pay reasonable compensation.



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