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Equal Access to Paramedic Services

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Meet Sarah

Sarah’s older daughter Léandre was born with a life-threatening illness. Due to multiple seizures and complications with breathing, her medical needs were extreme. After paying near $7,000 in transportation bills, Sarah simply could not afford to call for an ambulance in emergency situations. She and her husband would drive Léandre to the hospital themselves, monitoring vitals and giving oxygen, all while trying to remain calm. At one point, they would see Léandre’s face turn blue. All this, just to avoid an ambulance bill.

“It sounds so pathetic. As a parent, you feel like you’re not doing what you’re supposed to do.”

“Worrying about the bills when you’re worrying about your child dying – those two things should not be in the same picture”

The Cause

An ambulance ride can be the difference between life and death, but 42% of Canadians would delay calling 911 because they are worried about the cost of paramedic service. With ambulance fees not fully covered by provincial healthcare plans, those without private insurance may have to make a heartbreaking decision: risk driving themselves, or pay the bill. Accessible Medics is a non-profit organization that aims to eliminate the barriers to life-saving paramedic care. We encourage those in financial turmoil to make the emergency call by providing ambulance transport insurance free of charge. Individuals submit an application and those who are eligible receive coverage for unforeseen, medically necessary ambulance charges. Once a claim is made, the patient’s fee will be completely waived or heavily subsidized. Our goal is to ensure no one is left out in the cold when it matters the most.

In an ideal healthcare system, Accessible Medics wouldn’t have to exist. We’re asking provincial governments to make medically necessary ambulance rides fully covered under their public health plan. Please sign the petition and donate now to support our efforts in making equal access to paramedic services a reality.

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