Judge Dean Morezone is a threat our community. Let off pedophiles with no repercussions.

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District court Judge Dean P Morezone is a threat to our community as well as the child sex offenders he has let off with no repercussions for Child Sex Crimes in relation to Child Abuse material. Two particular cases he has excercised his support for these child sex crimes by no means of punishment for child sex predators like

Dennis Gerad Brincat of Innisfail who was let out into the Innisfail community after he was found with numerous photographs of child exploitation material. 18 months suspended sentence and 18 months probation. Dean Morezone claimed that Brincat is "improving" as his material was not a "category 4" unlike his original offence. Prision is "unlikely to have an impact". Said Morezone as he let a repeate offender back into the Innisfail community with no regard for the children in the community. 

Mark Adam Tate of Woree High School Cairns. Due for trial in district court on one count of possessing child exploitation material linked to a series of videos on his phone of underage girls.

These two cases are alarmingly similar.

Jason Dale Larkin was a teacher at the Woree High School who pleaded guilty to three counts of possessing child exploitation material and one count of using a mobile service to access child pornography material. 

High profile people who are supposed to protect and serve our community are the biggest threats to our children. As a mother of girls i dont feel safe knowing District Judge Dean P Morezone is letting repeate offenders back into our community with no repercussions at all. Dean is a male himself. Why are male Judges in control of every child sex case in Cairns and Innisfail; when they have no compassion for these children. 

Our judicial system is corrupt and is run my males like District court judge Dean P Morezone who act like up standing citizens of society but are in fact the real threats to our children.

Why are our judges so corrupted? When will these offenders be held accountable? When will our children be safe? Why do judges support this behaviour?  Why is it ok to possess child exploitation material with no jail time? Why are predetors being let back into the community with no rehabilitation or mandatory psychological help? How many children have been exploited? 

Children deserve better than what Dean Morezone is allowing. Children deserve to be hear and seen. Children are not materials. Children shouldn't be subjected to this abuse at the hands of our community leaders. 

Why has nobody held community leaders accountable for the criminals they let back into society? High profile people who are in a position to help the community of Cairns and Innisfail are causing children to be exploited and are allowing this to continue because nobody stops them?!? 

If you feel there is an issue surrounding this please share and sign. It takes 2 minutes but that 2 minutes can change a lifetime of abuse for some children. Lets get a formal complaint against District court judge Dean P Morezone. 

We need collective community support to see the changes we need. Lets try and amend the way these corrupt judges punish child sex predators. 

Thankyou kindly for your support.