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Harsher Punishment for Child Negligence

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First and foremost, there has been an alarming number of charges laid against parents, due to the death of their infants/children. This is exceptionally concerning due to the fact that the majority of us, have known someone who has faced harsher punishment for being charged with possession of marijuana, petty theft, and other minor offences (in comparison).

I know I do not stand alone in saying that the parents neglecting to properly care for their infants and/or children deserve much harsher punishments than any of which we have been seeing. 

I understand there must be a protocol to follow, and as I do not have much of an education in law, it may be an uneducated opinion on my part - but these children deserve Justice!

They lost their lives, because no one was there to save them. It is up to US to find the justice they so obviously deserve, justice which just has not been had for them.

I am aware these changes will not be made overnight. However, it is my hope to see changes in the near future! Please sign and share this petition to help these innocent Angels that were never given a fair chance at life!!!

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