Save the Middleton Cabin Community

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The Middleton Cabin Community has been a part of Hartlepool's history for the last 70 years, unfortunately in two months time, the community will cease to exist after Hartlepool Borough Councils decision to withdraw the subsidy onto which the community relied on to help lease the land from its original owners PD Ports. 

The community relocated from their previous site in 2009 & thought that their relocation was to be a permanent one, however Hartlepool Borough Council claims that a recent rent increase by PD Ports means that they can no longer continue to subsidise the Cabin Communities rent for the land & as a result Hartlepool Borough Council says that they will no longer enter into a new lease agreement with PD Ports & as a result, the cabin community must leave the site by the end of April 2019, putting an end to the community after 70 years. 

Whilst it's acknowledged that continued budget cuts to Local Government has seen funding to the Local Authority reduced, this has not stopped Hartlepool Borough Council from funding other organisations (some of which have serving councillors sitting as trustees) & a recent investigation revealed that Hartlepool Borough Council issued nearly £10,000 in grants to a specific community project that wasn't even incorporated as a charitable organisation or a Ltd Company, indicating very clearly that the council has & does have the funds to keep the community alive & the decision made by the council to remove the subsidy from the cabin owners when other organisations have taken significantly more in grants from the Local Authority has to be questioned.  

Hartlepool is a coastal town that has a unique & notable history known throughout the world & communities like the Middleton Cabin Community form an integral part of Hartlepool's unique identity should not be taken away so easily. 

This petition serves as the public's voice to Hartlepool Borough Council, that whilst we acknowledge that the council has to make savings, the councils actions in the present in giving away grants to other organisations, sets the precedent that the council does have the funds to support the community & as a result should continue to support the Middleton Cabin Owners to remain on the land where they have been since their relocation in 2009 as they form an important part of the historical identity of our town. 

We therefore ask you to look at this decision again as the loss of the community will very likely damage the public's faith in the council beyond any repair. 

The community should be saved !

Thank You 


James Barker