Graduation Cap Decoration at Gilford High School

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In Middle School, we were told that we couldn't decorate our graduation caps because it "should be saved for high school." We waited just to hear that we can't do it in High School Either! 

At many other schools in the state and nation, students are offered this opportunity, and use it to express themselves and celebrate the beginning of real life. Here at Gilford High School, we are brought through the years with the motto of "Learn, Excel, Achieve, Dream" Or L.E.A.D for short. It is the staff and school teachers job to be creative and aspiring young individuals. By allowing students to decorate their caps, students will be more likely to treasure the memory of graduation, and keep the graduation cap as a reminder of all they have learned, excelled at and achieved. Many students’ next step after high school is college, and thus most students decorate their caps with logos and mascots of the various postsecondary institutions they will attend. Its almost a rite of passage, and we believe we should be awarded the opportunity.

Much like a yearbook quote, the cap decorations can have a due date, so they can be properly screened to ensure that there are no inappropriate references/symbols on the cap. Graduation is a time of celebration rather than hostility, and the cap as a physical entity serves as a reminder of the four years of high school one has endured, while at the same time denotes the beginning of what’s ahead.