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The proceeds of Hitler's telephone should go to Holocaust survivors or a Holocaust museum

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About Hitler's red telephone:

Brigadier Sir Ralph Rayner OBE was one of the first British officers to enter Adolf Hitler's Berlin bunker, the Führerbunker, after the Russians stormed it in April 1945. The Russians gave Rayner Hitler's telephone as a souvenir, and he later used it at his own home, Ashcombe Tower, in Devon, England. The Bakelite phone was originally black but later painted red, and it is engraved with a swastika and 'Adolf Hitler.'

One can only imagine the heinous and murderous orders Hitler relayed via that phone to his S.S. Officers and others in the Third Reich, including regarding the 'Final Solution', Hitler's plan to eliminate the Jewish people, which ultimately led to the establishment of extermination camps and the death of six million Jews and others, including homosexuals, Gypsies, and disabled people.

Who stands to benefit from the sale of this telephone:

After Rayner's death in 1977, the phone was inherited by Rayner's sons, Ralph Jr and Giles, who are now auctioning it off via Bill Panagopulos of Alexander Historical Auctions in Chesapeake City, Maryland. Bidding will start at $100,000 and the item could very well be sold for many times that, potentially bringing in $300,000-$400,000. Panagopulos considers it a "weapon of mass destruction," and acknowledges that the orders Hitler gave over the phone took many lives.

Evidently, Rayner's heirs hope the telephone will be bought by a museum where the public can "really understand what extreme fascist thinking can bring about."

But that's NOT good enough!

What this petition calls for:

Hitler's telephone will be auctioned on Sunday and this petition calls on Rayner's sons to donate ALL of the funds they receive, and Bill Panagopoulos should donate his auction fee, to a Holocaust museum and/or to a charitable fund that specifically aids Holocaust survivors, many of whom lost their entire families in concentration camps, and today, over a third live in poverty. 

Please join me in calling for ALL PROCEEDS from the sale of this phone to be donated to an appropriate museum or charity. No one should personally benefit financially from this icon of the atrocities of Hitler's Third Reich.

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