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Long-time owner of a store on Ocean Front Walk (Venice Boardwalk), a senior lady, was seriously injured on June 10, 2013 by a female riding a speeding Segway (Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Device - EPAMD) down Ocean Front Walk at Venice Beach. The lady was taken to hospital where she had to undergo an emergency hip replacement operation caused by the injury.

Segways are allowed on the boardwalk but bicycles and scooters are not. This makes no sense at all, considering the speed and weight of a Segway and the kind of damage it can do, as in this case, to a person on foot.

Since the boardwalk is also considered a 'sidewalk', the same restrictions apply there as on a sidewalk - and, while it is legal in the state of California to ride bicycles and segways on sidewalks, bicycles are banned on the boardwalk but Segways are allowed.

Both bicycles and Segways should be banned from the boardwalk because they are an equal menace to pedestrians.

If you agree and you would like to see Segways banned from Venice Boardwalk, please sign our petition which will send emails to city officials, requesting that they ban Segways from the boardwalk - thank you!

Letter to
Council Member CD1 Gilbert Cedillo
Council Member CD9 Currin D. Price, Jr.
Council Member CD8 Bernard Parks
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Council Member CD7 Felipe Fuentes
Los Angeles City Attorney City Attorney Mike Feuer
Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti
Council Member CD15 Joe Buscaino
Council Member CD14 Jose Huizar
Council Member CD13 Mitch O'Farrell
Council Member CD12 Mitchell Englander
Council Member CD10 Herb J. Wesson, Jr.
Council Member CD5 Paul Koretz
Council Member CD4 Tom LaBonge
Council Member CD3 Bob Blumenfield
Council Member CD2 Paul Kekorian
Councilman Mike Bonin
You may or may not be aware that a senior lady, a store owner on Venice Boardwalk, was run over and seriously injured by a female riding a speeding Segway down the boardwalk on June 10, 2013. The lady was taken to hospital where she had to undergo an emergency hip replacement operation caused by the injury.

Bicycles and scooters are banned on the boardwalk, presumably because they are dangerous and can cause injury to pedestrians. So why are Segways allowed when they are more dangerous than either bicycles or scooters?

Give Segways the same treatment as bicycles and scooters -- ban Segways -- on Venice Boardwalk, before we have more accidents and injuries!