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Relieve San Fernando morning traffic with a left turn signal at the corner of Media Drive.

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On September 6th, 2017, Renaissance Arts opened a new school within a block of the entrance to Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts (LFCSA) on San Fernando Road and Media Drive in Glassell Park.

With two schools that start at the same time now so close together on San Fernando, the already clogged morning commute has become a morning traffic jam in the blocks between and surrounding the two schools. More than an inconvenience, this situation promises to become a chronic problem if something isn't done. 

Renaissance Arts has also placed a much-needed crossing guard at Media Drive. While this is great for the safety of the students from both schools who walk to school, it has had the unintended result of blocking Eastbound drivers turning left onto Media Drive at the light. Because now only two drivers can get through per light-cycle, left-turning traffic is backing up on San Fernando. The through lane is blocked as is the entrance to Renaissance Arts.

In addition to the students and parents this new situation is affecting, there are also regular commuters who need to move through this corridor, not to mention the multiple businesses that share the parking lot with our school whose employees are also getting stuck in the clog.

We propose the immediate installation of a left turn arrow at the light on Media Drive to relieve congestion caused by the left turn lane backup. This simple solution would let traffic flow more smoothly on San Fernando and create a safer avenue for kids getting to school every morning.

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