Get Gibson Pro Audio to make the code for Deckadance Public and Open Source

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Connor Moroney
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This petition is to encourage Gibson Pro audio/Stanton Magnetics, to release the code base for Deckadance 2.73 publicly via sourceforge or github.  Deckadance is a great piece of DJ software that Gibson has finished making their money on and has decided to make legacy. However, it is still popular among the community and modders alike due to the nature of how it behaves with midi controllers and allows for custom scripting. Another of Deckadance's innovative features is its ability to be used as a VST plugin in any digital audio workstation that is compatible with VST format.

Gibson has decided to make this software legacy, leaving its customers who own valid and legal licences,unable to activate it on new computers or even old computers that they already own, Signifying that they are done making money with Deckadance..  As both a long time owner, and contributor to the latest codebase that is currently being used  by those who have been able to activate this software, I would love to see Deckadance this continue to live on.

This petition is to enable Deckadance to continue living on in the public domain and let the modding community continue making it it the amazing piece of software that was/is.