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Make Cakewalk Sonar open-source

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Cakewalk has been the key player for PC-based musicians for over 30 years. Most of them, like me, has progressed through several iterations of the software, since the text-based DOS days up to the integrated digital audio workstations of the late.

Moreover, with Gibson decision to shut down the product line, those that rely on the PC platform for their music-making initiatives will either have to settle on less competent solutions or be on the hands of the only other main player still in business. The lack of choice basically means that innovation will definitely suffer in the medium-term, as lack of competition dampens the need to differentiate.

Nevertheless, in the long-run and by necessity, someone will begin to trail Greg Hendershott's path once again, and a new "Cakewalk" will germinate. The problem is that we don't know how long will it take: could be forever before someone decides to tackle this challenge, and to achieve the maturity level Cakewalk had reached would undoubtedly take the likes of 30 years as well.

This process could be greatly accelerated if such people could leverage the time, effort, intelligence and love put into the current installment of Cakewalk.

Gibson's decision demonstrates that the company has no interest in pursuing such market share: the professional musician who uses a PC-based platform for hers or his music creation endeavors.

So, this is a plea to Gibson to release the current code base as open-source, so that musicians and developers all around the world can continue to evolve Cakewalk's legacy into the years to come.

The open-source movement has showed it can produce software as reliable and as polished as the major software development companies (think Linux, Open Office, PostGRE etc.) and can be of service even to Gibson's remaining Cakewalk users: these, of course, would be entitled to the current technical support, but would also benefit from any advances the open-source community would produce.

By acting in this way, Gibson will contribute to the aggrandizement of generations of musicians to come.

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