Implement The Daily Mile into Gibraltar's Schools.

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It is my opinion, (and that of many others) that Gibraltar should rethink some of the schools rules, when it comes to activities permitted in school playgrounds. 

In many, if not all schools in Gibraltar, running in the playground is prohibited. Personally, I've always thought this was health and safety taken a little far. And this BBC report below, from a Scottish school proves my point. They're  actively encouraging children do run 1 mile a day at some point, in a fun way, and non competitively. And it only takes 15 minutes.

They've seen increases in health, and attention in lessons, and the kids enjoy it! It has even been adopted by 3600+ schools, across 30+ countries! 

BBC report

Surely in this day and age, with the increase of technology that keep kids wanting to sit inside, they should be encouraged to be active, not prevented!
For more information on the daily mile concept, take a look at their website.

I would like to show the government of gibraltar, that we, the people, would like to encourage healthy, active children and that they can help, by allowing children to run in playgrounds, and by implementing this initiative into our schools.