Change to Slack

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Here at GIANTS Software we thrive on teamwork. When we need to send a picture, coordinate efforts, share a good meme, or have sectioned off channels for certain purposes that people actually get alerts to and check, #Slack is the clear winner.

Nobody likes Skype, it's buggy and lacks an enjoyable interface or atmosphere. How can mans get work done when you send a picture and it doesn't appear?? Custom emoticons like 2PM increase morale and therefore productivity throughout the day.

Our fearless leader might not enjoy group chats and prefer to message people directly.. well #Slack has great news! It has individual chat channels as well! Nothing is lost for those that prefer individualized messaging by switching to #Slack!

Make the switch now and enjoy the happy faces and moods that come with showing up to work and using an easy, intuitive and fun inter-office chat software.

Sign the petition now and change the way we communicate!

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