RED CARD FIFA: Save Football. Save Lives.

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Did you know that by 2015, over 1,200 migrant workers had died constructing World Cup stadiums in Qatar? Human Rights Watch estimates as many as 7,000 could die before Qatar’s 2022 World Cup commences.

We, the football players and fans around the world, were betrayed when FIFA’s officials accepted millions of dollars in bribes to support Russia’s 2018 and Qatar’s 2022 World Cup bids. Before bidding even began, both Russia and Qatar were assessed as having a medium-high risk of terrorism, questionable human rights policies and, specifically in the case of Qatar, unbearable heat.

However, for at least 14 FIFA officials (many now convicted), lining their own pockets was more important than the safety of the football fans and players. It was more important than wellbeing of the workers involved in building the stadiums. They cared more about the money than giving the honour of a FIFA World Cup onto a worthy host. While a few scapegoats have been fired from FIFA, its toxic culture has not changed. FIFA is not open, transparent or accountable, and it is entirely incapable of reforming itself.

While it is too late to call for the removal of Russia as host of the 2018 World Cup, there is still time to act against Qatar 2022.

We are calling for a restructure of FIFA. We want FIFA to be transparent and accountable. We need FIFA to reassess Qatar’s validity as host of the 2022 World Cup.

Stand up to FIFA and demand change. Lives depend on it.

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