Make soccer players play shirtless

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It is the Summer season, and temperatures are hitting record highs in many places on the planet. Performing physical activity, specially on a professional level, during peak heat hours can be very damaging for one's health, as it may cause skin burns, dehydration and even sunstroke. Thus, people such as soccer players must adjust their wardrobe accordingly, and the FIFA should allow them to play shirtless. 

Luckily, this year's World Cup was celebrated in Russia, where the players weren't subject to the extreme temperatures one might find in other regions, such as the Sahara desert, where average temperature can reach 117 °F on a summer day. In the case the World Cup were to be celebrated in any place where these conditions may be found, it would not be out of the question to be potentially dealing with someone dying in the field.

Help us prevent this tragic and unnecessary loss of life by signing this petition and allowing soccer players to do their jobs in an slightly cooler attire.