We want the Akal Takht to assemble a Security/Relief Force (Farmers Protest)

We want the Akal Takht to assemble a Security/Relief Force (Farmers Protest)

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ATSRF Petition started this petition to Giani Harpreet Singh @ Akal Takht

We want the Akaal Takht to 1. Assemble a temporary security force of 2000 Sikhs and send them to Delhi to secure the safety all protesters from attacks by the BJP and its Police Force and 2. Institute a permanent Akaal Takht Security/Relief Force to defend the weak, hungry and downtrodden. 

We demand the Akaal Takht Chief Giani Harpreet Singh to pick up the baton from Baba Deep Singh and Akali Phulla Singh and serve the Sikh mission from the front as his predessors did or stand aside for some that will accept this mandate.

Your Mandate:

  • As an urgent and temporary response the Guru Roop Khalsa demand you to assemble and employ a temporary security force of 2000 saint soldiers and deploy them to defend the honour of our quam by guarding the protest camps from further attacks and atrocities at the hands of the Delhi hakumat.
  • Further to this we mandate you to institute a 500 strong full-time employed security/relief force to work under instruction of Akal Takht to stand in defiance to any future acts of terror, to provide relief in events of natural disasters, to the poor and downtrodden across the nation and protect Gurughars from attack, after all this is part of the Khalsa mission.  At the moment you are doing nothing to justify your seat at the Great Akal Takht; as said before half-hearted comments you are making are not enough, you have access to all the power and resources of the Khalsa Panth; use them to protect and progress the Sikh Mission.

The Akal Takht relief/security force (ATSRF) must be physically and mentally strong, live and breathe gurmat and be both elite men and women recruited from across the globe. These warriors must be organised into specialist disciplines as any elite security force would i.e. engineer, medics, cooks, martial arts, logistics, IT, strategy and conflict management etc and be educated at the best training centres in the world.  The Akal Takht SRF must be humble, disciplined Gursikhs that have no ambitions for power or to increase personal property but only but only to serve the Gurus mission, a charter would be written for the SRF to live and adhere to. Sikhs from across the world will aspire to join this security force; only then will we get back on the road to producing the next Akali Phulla Singh. There will be 500 paid specialists and no doubt lakhs will volunteer to support.

The inception of the Akal Takht security/relief force is not an act of provocation or challenge to the central government for power; all power belongs to Akal Purakh. ATSRF’s mission would be that mandated by Guru Nanak Dev Ji; feed the hungry, defend the downtrodden.  It will be a thorn in the side of a tyrant and an asset to any just and progressive regime

We have been betrayed far too often by the central government, its police, its army and by our own leaders. Yet you keep making limp appeals pleading for the government to reason.  No more!  Lions do not beg!

Act on this instruction or move aside for another more worthy to initiate this mandate – remember the Akal Takht does not answer to the SGPC cronies or Badal Dal, Akal Takht is only answerable to Akal Purakh and SGGSJI following which the Guru Roop Khalsa Panth.

Benti to all Sikhs please support this petition as a declaration of your will, no honest Sikh will ever see this mandate anything other than an attempt to promote the Sikh mission, we have been left with no alternative.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh


This week we have all seen scenes of terror in Delhi, the state (police) and BJP/RSS thugs have colluded to perpetrate a reign of terror and violence on protesting farmers in the Indian capital.  It is no coincidence that it is Sikhs that have been subjected to the targeted violence, it is not overreaching to call this a racist act of state terrorism.

Whenever minorities have stood up for their rights in India successive governments of India have used all diabolical means to vilify innocent citizens using their corrupt state sponsored media, they have tortured, raped and murdered Indian citizens belonging to minorities with impunity, this story has repeated over and over again since the inception of the ‘Republic of India’ in 1947.

Minorities and decent Indians from majority communities have been attending protest rallies, signing petitions and begging foreign powers to intervene for decades and this has had no affect and current events demonstrate the cycle will not stop unless we take steps to stop it ourselves. Foreign powers including the UN will not intervene, their silence, inaction and welcoming the Indian terrorist regime into the UN inner circle is evidence of their consent.

1.  Delhi Police disrupted the pre-agreed Tractor Rally by blocking agreed routes and then attacked protesting citizens with tear gas, lathis and on at least two occasions with bullets to try and cause riots to provoke violence from peaceful protesters, this largely failed.

2. The Godi Media then selectively used video footage to misrepresent facts and label protesters as the cause of confrontation to malign the cause and minorities. 

3. BJP and Police then transported in thugs from across the state to camps at Singhu and Tikri border where there were only largely old Sikh men and women and defenceless sewadars after most jawan protesters returned to their villages to tend to their domestic responsibilities following the tractor rally on the 26th Jan. These thugs and police began throwing stones at men, women and children and tearing down tents with elderly resting inside to try and provoke a blood bath.  When the protesting citizens showed constraint in the hope the some among the police would do their duty and protect them, the police did nothing of the sort, on contrary the police and the BJP thugs turned even more violent and began attacking protesters indiscriminately. 

When a few jawans tried in vain to protect themselves and others, they were mercilessly beaten by the police and BJP thugs. The Godi media although present and capturing these scenes, gave another narrative; that these were "locals” and the police were trying their best to maintain order but were overwhelmed mostly by the violent protesters", the lies are ghastly and embarrassing since the truth is quickly discovered by images widely available on the net and social media. Not one of the thugs perpetrating the violence was arrested – why would they have been the police were complicit afterall. 

Not one comment of condemnation from the government, not one comment of concern from police leaders, again why would they organised it.

When the victims have gone to the police or CBI to submit complaints they have been given the cold shoulder or ridiculed, when family member have asked for updates on the hundreds of Sikh protesters that were arrested; some of who were badly beaten – they get nothing but a ‘we don’t know’.

There are hundreds of photos and videos of the police and BJP thugs jointly attacking protesters and damaging private property in the public domain, the police are not even attempting to hide their illegal acts against the Sikh minority; who are the real enemies of state and terrorists?

Where is the humanity of those in power and police leaders?  There have been a few isolated videos captured of policemen saying they are just doing their duty by following orders, but I’m sorry you are doing anything but your duty. You are breaking the law, desecrating the Indian constitution and most basic of human rights.

4. Punjab Police is co-operating with Delhi Police forces despatched to Punjab to intimidate and arrest Punjabi citizens that have demonstrated their constitutional right to protest. At the same time Captain Amrinder Singh puts out statements that he supports the farmers, yet then instructs his Police force to support the BJP despatched Delhi Police to in their attempt to spread fear amongst Punjabi farmers.

5. On 29th Jan Delhi Police and BJP thugs protested outside the Sri Sis Ganj Gurdwara in Delhi, what has the gurdwara goers here got to do with the protest other than sharing same faith, this is evidence of racism on part of the police and BJP. That aside the Gurdwara is built on the site where Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji was beheaded to protect the Hindu faith from conversion by Mughals, the BJP respect nothing and nobody.  This is not the first gurdwara to be attacked by fascist factions of the majority community.  Gurdwara Gian Godri in Haridwar, Gurdwara Mangu Mutt in Puri and Gurdwara Dangmar in Sikkim are Gurdware associated with Guru Nanak Dev Ji that have been attacked or demolished by Indian Facists, we cannot and should not expect anybody but ourselves to protect ourselves.  The response from the Sikh leadership to these attacks were nothing but a few words in the media or despatching representatives to the sites to write reports or appeal for better treatment.

We Sikhs are loyal subjects of India; we gave more blood than anyone to create this great nation and continue to do so at the borders. Our Gurughars as are our hearts are open to everybody, feeding the world is one of our key missions in life, and still you treat us worse then you treat stray dogs.

But we are not cowards and we know how to defend the weak, our Gurus and great leaders of years gone by have given us lessons on what to do when a great tyranny bears down on the poor and meek.

Our gurus gave us the two swords of Miri and Piri to defend the rights of the downtrodden and to fight evil. Our 1st Patshah taught us all humans are equal in the eyes of our lord, the 5th Patshah gave us unwavering strength in the face of great oppression and the gift of martyrdom, the 6th Patshah the malik of the two swords of Miri and Piri taught us self-defence and bestowed upon every peasant sovereignty so that we never accept the dictates of barbaric regimes such as the current one, they also gave us the Akal Takht, a temporal high seat for Sikhs to organise ourselves under as a nation, the 9th Patshah taught us to sacrifice our heads for others rights, our Dasam Patshah taught each of us to stand and fight to the last man even if there 125,000 blood thirsty terrorists ahead of each of us.

Unfortunately, in modern times the so-called leaders of our great institutions of the Khalsa have become subservient to their political paymasters, the paymasters who appoint and brush aside leaders of Sikh sansthas at will.

But now in the face of great tyranny the Khalsa must awaken and show our Guru we are alive, breathing and not forgotten their lessons. 

The Badal Dal appointed Mukh Sewadar of the Akal Takht now has the opportunity to legitimise his claim as Jathedar of the Akal Takht, that seat that belonged to great Sikhs and generals such as Baba Deep Singh and Akali Phulla Singh, he must do as they would and give a direct response to the darkness of this regime. A meek statement here or there will not cut it.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!