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Summary of Petition: To call for an Extraordinary Meeting of the membership of the GIA in order to address matters arising as a result of communique received by the membership from the ARC and GIA dated 14th March 2018 (Ref: ARC 30/GIA/003/0-18) and 16th March 2018 respectively.

It has come to our attention as a collective that the distinct roles of the ARC and GIA bodies, as Regulating and Professional entities respectively, have become unclear and misconstrued. This has led to palpable discord within the community of Architect professionals who find themselves on one or both sides of the divide as well as a weakening image of the two Bodies in terms of the public’s perception. This rift in our view is unhealthy and damaging, creating an environment unsuitable for the survival of our esteemed profession. As the role of architecture becomes ever-increasingly redefined by the needs and the perceptions of the public whom we serve, it is imperative that these issues be addressed with all urgency.

To this end, we request this meeting in order to address this obvious and apparent discord between the GIA and the ARC and to seek clarity on the following issues with respect to the obligations as provided for within the Constitution of the Ghana Institute of Architects:

1. The mandate to organize and run Architectural Competitions.

2. The mandate to organize and conduct the Professional Practice Exams.

3. The existing structures set up by the Ghana Institute of Architects to effectively run the above mandates.

4. Actions being undertaken by Council to address the impasse between GIA - ARC on the substantive issues.

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