Make Nacharam Roads Safe for Children, Create #SchoolZone

Make Nacharam Roads Safe for Children, Create #SchoolZone

7 February 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Anjana Misra

I bet no one would like to see there loved ones cycle like this. !Throwing  light on an accident involving my son while he was on his way bicycling  to school in Nacharam ,Hyderabad  on 3rd February . A  speeding biker hit him from behind and with the impact he was dragged on the road. He suffered a deep injury on his knee  and had to be hospitalized  for a surgical  procedure. Thankfully my son is SAFE now and recovering .But would the next person  be safe ? Calling on authorities for action on the  Nacharam Main Road opposite BSNL , Hyderabad .

The accident raises very basic questions about the safety of Bicyclists, Pedestrians and Two wheelers on the road because of road conditions and critical factors like rash driving especially in a school zone with no signage or speed breakers whatsoever. The traffic on this road is very heavy and dangerous especially during school arrival and dismissal timings with School Buses, Private vans, Motorists and  Cars competing against each other.


- School Zoning on Nacharam road which has Multiple Schools . A total  of Five  schools Johnson Grammar School, Delhi Public School, Suprabhat, Chaitanya , and a under construction school  are located in a radius of 500 mts .

-Install  Speed Breakers/Rumble strips 

-School zone Signage like school ahead and slow down .

-Assign Traffic Police for school zone.

-Install CCTV . 

-Put up dividers and close the median on road in front of HP Petrol and SR petrol pump Nacharam. Results in Wrong Side Driving. 

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In pic - The cycle that my son was riding. 

Positive of government intervention .

Thank You !


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Signatures: 6,164Next Goal: 7,500
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