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Time and again parts of the historic Golconda fort have gotten damaged. And now, the Majnu Buruz (Bastion), which used to be one of the most beautiful places in the fort area, has collapsed and lost, perhaps forever. 

Located in the Naya Qila area, which was developed as an extension of the fort in 1656, the Majnu bastion is among other heritage spots like the 400-year-old Baobab tree, Laila bastion, Mustafa Khan and Mulla Khyali Masjid, which are also there. 

Unfortunately, part of the Naya Qila area, through hook or crook, was given to the Hyderabad Golf Association. It is a matter of debate and contention as to how a historic site like the Golconda fort, which is essentially the mother of Hyderabad, can be handed over to a private agency, especially since it also falls under the Centre-run Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). 

We Hyderabadis have time and again witnessed immense loss of our heritage, and the destruction of the Majnu bastion only adds to it. It is also a fact that the HGA actually has golf holes that run behind the Majnu bastion, and there is a very good chance that the bastion may have been destroyed to take up that space also . 

It is also a fact that until some years ago, the HGA had actually not allowed people to even visit the Naya Qila area, which is absurd given that the are falls under the control of the ASI, which has seemingly been quiet. Hence, we first demand that the HGA withdraw and leave the heritage sites. Second, the ASI should at least restore the fall Majnu bastion. 

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