Reduce construction noise, blasts in neighborhood

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The residents of Jayabheri Silicon County and several other buildings next to the construction site have been living with powerful blasts at the site which are causing tremors in our building. We have seen cracks develop on our walkways and pillars in the basement in the past few months. The construction work goes on as late as 2a.m in the morning and starts again at 6a.m. The sound of excavators loading and unloading rocks, trucks honking...all of this happening not only during the day but also in the middle of the night.

Several residents have complained to the police but the problem has not been resolved. THERE SHOULD BE NO CONSTRUCTION WORK GOING ON AFTER 9P.M. in a residential area. We have been losing our sleep for the last several months because of this ruckus.

If there is any damage caused to our property due to the rampant, unchecked blasts the builders will be made to pay.

We request you to please monitor the intensity of the blasts so that the buildings around this site are not damaged and ensure that there is no construction work happening during the night time.